Fairtrade bananas are an easy and healthy way to support Fairtrade. As a simple snack or a delicious cooking ingredient, we can change the world bunch by bunch. Fairtrade bananas are showing the industry that there is another way to do business, with fairness to farmers, workers and the environment at its heart.  

Washing Bananas

We're all bananas for bananas. Kiwis eat more than any other country - on average 18kgs per person per year - and for millions of farmers and workers in tropical countries, growing bananas is their livelihood.

“These bananas are different because they protect our families, our community and our environment. They create a new life for my country and a new culture in your countries.” 

- Silvia Arevalo, El Guabo Fairtrade banana farmer, Ecuador.

Where can I get Fairtrade bananas?