Climate change is affecting us all but especially the millions of Fairtrade farmers and their communities who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.

For those farmers we work with in the Pacific, the effects of climate change are already evident.  Climate change is causing cyclones and floods to be more frequent and severe which are destroying sugar farmers' homes and livelihoods in Fiji.  Less predictable seasons along with an increase in pests and diseases are affecting coffee crops in PNG.  

That is why we have joined a coalition of Kiwi humanitarian organisations calling on political parties to pass a Zero Carbon Act which will ensure New Zealand is doing its bit alongside other leading nations around the world to tackle climate change. We're not just writing to one minister or the government, but sending a petition from all of us to to every Member of Parliament elected this September. Back the Plan: Back to Zero by 2050!  A Zero Carbon Act would aim to secure a positive future not only for our children and our communities but also for farmers around the world who grow the food we eat.                     

Take action for a safe and stable climate!

New Zealand has committed to take urgent action to combat climate change, both under the Paris Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals. But unless our political parties act together and think beyond short term politics – and set clear binding goals in place for reducing pollution, these plans may never become a reality.

You can be part of the change by backing the plan and signing the petition below!  Back the Plan: Back to Zero.


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