Savai’i Coconut Farmers supported by the Fairtrade Development Fund

A gathering of coconut farmers

The Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association (SCFA) was awarded with a WST 16,000 grant from Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Development Fund in early 2015.

As a result, its members were recipients of two training workshops on soil fertility, and toolkits comprising of wheelbarrows, bush knives, gumboots and other farming essentials. The association applied to the fund in late 2014 as a first step to address soil fertility concerns, to facilitate harvest and increase the volume of good quality nuts for the coconut cream 'Savai'i Popo', being processed and exported by their buyer Krissy Co.

In 2013, SCFA became the first smallholder producer organisation to be Fairtrade certified in Samoa. Since then, the group has improved their internal governance, which ensures that they cooperatively identify and discuss common challenges, and make democratic decisions to address them. The association has also negotiated a better price for their coconuts and provides training to its members. All of these achievements have been possible thanks to their close partnership with Krissy Co. and their commitment to improving their business through Fairtrade certification.

Currently, Krissy Co. is exploring new opportunities for Samoan coconut cream in an increasingly competitive international market. The company is working to position Samoan coconut cream as a premium quality product by appealing to the ethical consumer, who is interested in contributing to the wellbeing of farmers and encouraging sustainability and social responsibility within supply chains. 

Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Development Fund targets smallholder producer organisations in the Pacific wishing to improve their access to international Fairtrade markets. Projects financed through this fund are aimed at building resilient and sustainable Fairtrade supply chains. The fund is administered by Fairtrade ANZ, who provides support services to Pacific based producers in order to promote economic development in the region.