Unen Choit becomes Fairtrade Certified

Unen Choit

Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand is pleased to announce that Unen Choit Cooperative Society has achieved Fairtrade certification, making it Papua New Guinea’s fifth Fairtrade certified producer organisation.

Unen Choit is an association of 925 coffee and cocoa producers from Wasu, in Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. Located in an isolated corner of the province, the only way to reach Unen Choit is by air or sea.

Having formed in 2009, Unen Choit began working with Fairtrade in 2011, and has dedicated itself to the Fairtrade model of development, stating that good governance practices, community development, and the Fairtrade Premium and Minimum Price are the greatest benefits that Fairtrade brings.

Unen Choit Manager Molock Terry says “Unen Choit executives and farmers are very proud. The relationship between Fairtrade ANZ and Unen Choit is very special, there is a lot of heart from both sides and we are very grateful”.

Since 2011, Fairtrade ANZ has supported Unen Choit through training workshops using Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Library. The Producer Library is a set of tools that support small producers to understand the Fairtrade system, its standards and benefits, and how to incorporate those standards in their day-to-day activities. This includes Fairtrade Standards on child protection, gender equality and environmental protection.

Unen Choit is also a recipient of Fairtrade ANZ’s Producer Development Fund wet coffee mill project, supported by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and delivered in partnership with PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation. They are also in the process of building coffee drying houses, with the aim to supply high quality, Fairtrade and organic certified coffee to the international Fairtrade market.

For more information about Unen Choit, please contact Kahu Bennett at kahu@fairtrade.org.nz