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  • Unen Choit preview
    21 Mar 2017

    Walking to the heart of Unen Choit’s coffee growers - producer library rollout

    Over the holiday season Unen Choit (UC) Cooperative Society navigated Papua New Guinea’s (PNG) mountainous landscape via land and sea to pioneer the rollout of Fairtrade’s Producer Library amongst their 925 farmer members. Fairtrade’s Producer Library is a compilation of training tools based on stories, which are told through illustrations and presented as games making the training widely accessible, particularly in communities with low literacy levels. 

  • Annie Wanita Gayo Blog
    08 Mar 2017

    Blog: See how Annie is securing women’s rights this International Women’s Day

    It’s International Women’s Day today and, for the last three weeks we’ve been becoming inspired by some brilliant women who are creating change in their communities. They’re all women who show us just how to #BeBoldForChange.

  • Vasudha cotton cooperative
    01 Mar 2017

    Blog: Independence, purpose, connection: This sewing group is bold for change

    Big, bold and often brash, the global fashion industry is as famous for its endless creativity as it is for its inequality and exploitation. At the same time as models strut the catwalk, stories surface of devastating events that shape the lives of the most often invisible cotton farmers and garment workers. Events like the Rana Plaza factory fires have the potential to shatter the lives of rural workers. 

    Sometimes it takes more than one woman to create change in an industry that’s ingrained with defects. That’s why members of the Vasudha cotton cooperative grouped together to give a women-first focus in a space where their voices aren’t often heard. They gain independence and form deep friendships – all because of their shared skills in sewing.

    In this week’s edition of our International Women’s Day series, Amy from Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand writes about meeting the women’s sewing group who are dedicated to empowerment.

  • International Womens Day
    26 Feb 2017

    BLOG: Dedicated to improving the lives of women

    In rural areas, where it’s often difficult to create change when it comes to gender equality, Fairtrade Associate Wardah Hasyim has dedicated her life to improving the lives of women.  

    A true powerhouse, she’s the perfect example of how we can #BeBoldForChange – not only does Wardah have near-endless experience in social justice and a thesis under her belt, but she also has experienced poverty first-hand. The daughter of a rice farmer, she’s been affected by conflict and has seen the effects of a world that ignores women. And she’s been passionate about change her whole life.  

  • Maria Rivera
    19 Feb 2017

    Blog: Empowering women in rural communities

    Across the globe, nowhere are the overwhelming effects of gender inequality felt more than in developing nations, where women often struggle to access work opportunities, have independent control of their finances and make their voices heard.

    International Women’s Day on March 8 is a global celebration of the strength and determination women bring to the stage, especially in rural communities. This year, the United Nations is calling on everyone to #BeBoldForChange in the face of inequality, to close the gender gap once and for all.

    In the lead-up to the event, we’re recognising these inspiring women by sharing their stories. Here, María Edy Rivera, Fairtrade coffee farmer and cooperative board member in El Salvador writes about female empowerment in a male-dominated culture.

  • Fairtrade coffee drinkers
    14 Feb 2017

    Blog: How everyday actions can make the world a fairer place

    Ever wondered about the impact of your morning cuppa at work?

    Who can possibly end world hunger or achieve comprehensive climate action on their own? At least, that’s the catch-cry of people who want to good in the world, but don’t know how. After all, in the face of such enormous global inequality, it can be hard to see how the actions of one person can create change.

    But equality begins at home and in the workplace, where even the tiniest everyday decisions can make a huge difference in the broader scheme of things. Thinking about how much coffee and tea you drink over an average week, it takes only a short amount of time before each drink adds up to something much larger on a global scale. 

    Here’s the good news: this can actually be quite easy! At Fairtrade, we focus on both the global picture and on the small, everyday actions you can take to make the world a fairer place. That’s why we believe that the simplest action – like enjoying some coffee, tea or chocolate in your workplace – can empower farmers and workers. 

  • Makaibari Tea Estate
    11 Jan 2017

    Giving Producers a Voice: The Fairtrade Difference

    The Fairtrade difference is that we aim to provide every producer with a voice, empowering them to influence everything from setting a fair price for commodities to how their Fairtrade Premium is invested in their communities. While many certifiers don’t involve producers, we ensure everyone gets a vote, to sow the seeds for change that truly matters.  

  • Preview image
    18 Dec 2016


    New Zealanders and Australians ate almost 45 fully-laden Boeing 787 planes worth of Fairtrade chocolate last year, and washed it down with 37 Olympic swimming pools worth of Fairtrade coffee.

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