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  • International Day of Cooperatives
    01 Jul 2016

    The power of cooperatives strength in numbers

    What is a cooperative and why are they so important to Fairtrade? Read our International Day of Cooperatives blog to discover more.

  • Ferrero commitment to Fairtrade
    14 Jun 2016

    Boost for Cocoa and Sugar Farmers as Ferrero Increases its Fairtrade Commitment

    Italian confectionery company Ferrero will double the amount of cocoa it purchases from Fairtrade farmers – to 40,000 metric tonnes over the next three years. Ferrero also announced a new collaboration with Fairtrade on cane sugar, with plans to source 20,000 metric tonnes of Fairtrade cane sugar between mid-2016 and 2019.

  • Coffee hull used as organic fertiliser
    06 Jun 2016

    June Blog Farming superheroes to the rescue

    This World Environment day we salute our Fairtrade farming super heroes! Find out why here. 

  • Fairtrade ANZ gender inequality second image
    03 Jun 2016

    Fairtrade ANZ and CARE International join efforts to tackle gender inequality in PNG

    Gender inequality is a major barrier to human development. It is estimated that closing the gender gap in agriculture would reduce the number of undernourished people by 100-150 million, and could increase agricultural output in developing countries by 2.5 to 4 percent. Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand and international development organisation CARE International have joined efforts to unlock the influence of Papua New Guinean female farmers in the economic and social development of their communities.   

  • PNG stakeholders workshop panel
    27 May 2016

    Papua New Guinea ICT Stakeholders Workshop

    Information Communication Technology was the focus of the annual Fairtrade Pacific Stakeholders Workshop in Papua New Guinea.

  • World Fairtrade Challenge
    11 May 2016

    BLOG: Will we still be drinking coffee in 50 years?

    Coffee. The name alone, for us coffee drinkers, brings a perk into our step, the aroma that fills our system a comfort in the early morning hours, the taste providing a languid ease for social occasions.

  • Cotton farmers
    21 Apr 2016

    Who made my clothes? Fairtrade joins the Fashion Revolution

    Dr. Rossitza Krüger, the Textiles Manager at Fairtrade International writes about Fairtrade’s new initiative aims to improve the working conditions, wages and rights of textile workers and farmers at all stages of production.

  • A decade of Fairtrade New Zealand
    21 Mar 2016

    What a difference a decade makes

    Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier reflects on how far Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand has come in a decade.

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