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International Women’s Day 2019: Fairtrade building a Balance for Better

To mark International Women’s Day in 2019, we want to celebrate Bethy Juzga Gargart, an inspirational Fairtrade figure playing her part in progress towards achieving global gender equality.

With a little help from our friends: Replanting coconut palms on Savai’i

For many of us, the idea of living on an island laden with palm trees is something of a dream.

What is Fairtrade? [Here’s everything you need to know]

Supporting Fairtrade, the most widely recognised ethical label in the world, is your way of making a difference in the fight against economic injustice and climate change.

Worried about wildlife? Sustainable agriculture could be the answer

Earth's species are dying out faster than ever before, according to a new UN report.

Fairtrade is making it easier to invest in supply chains

For coffee and cocoa farmers in Papua New Guinea, getting access to financial support for project development can be a major challenge. To help Fairtrade farmers overcome this obstacle, Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand developed the Co-Investment Fund, to make investment in, and collaboration with, Fairtrade communities easier.

Transforming trade to transforming lives - What does it take?

The Asia Pacific is often called the world’s economic powerhouse, and for good reason. The world’s most rapidly developing region is being transformed by population growth, a rising middle class and an explosion of economic activity. Governments and businesses view it as the global epicentre for development and, let’s be honest, the centre of potential commercial profits. Global management consultant McKinsey has tracked the centre of the world’s economic activity, finding that it is shifting south and east towards Asia at a rate faster than at any time in human history. As we know, trade is a central part of this economic movement and can be a force for good – or not. This explosive economic development comes at a price. An estimated 600 million people in Asia Pacific live in poverty – that’s more than half the world’s poor. More than 490 million are undernourished and another 11.5 million – or 56% of the global total for this metric – are trapped in modern forms of slavery.

Fairtrade: setting our sights on the future

An opinion piece by Darío Soto Abril, Chief Executive Officer of Fairtrade International. This piece first appeared on PlanetaFuturo/ElPaís on September 19, 2017 and is reproduced with their kind permission.

Fairtrade's Impact - How do we measure up?

Have you ever seen those house makeover shows? The ones where they transform a family’s run-down, drab house into a dazzling dream home in the space of a week, and everyone marvels at the before and after pictures.

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