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More than the Morning Coffee

As countries wrap up their meeting in Marrakech to decide on the next steps on climate change, Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand looks at what’s at stake for the millions whose livelihood depend on sustainable coffee.

Boost for Cocoa and Sugar Farmers as Ferrero Increases its Fairtrade Commitment

Italian confectionery company Ferrero will double the amount of cocoa it purchases from Fairtrade farmers – to 40,000 metric tonnes over the next three years. Ferrero also announced a new collaboration with Fairtrade on cane sugar, with plans to source 20,000 metric tonnes of Fairtrade cane sugar between mid-2016 and 2019.

New report shows Fairtrade farmers benefiting more than ever

Fairtrade International released the latest monitoring and evaluation report this week- showing that the extra money paid to farmers and workers who are certified as Fairtrade has risen above the AUD$150 million mark for the first time. The Fairtrade Premium, as it is known, is invested by the producers themselves in a range of improvements including schools, health care and better equipment. 

The Olympic City becomes a Fair Trade City

A golden moment for Rio De Janeiro as it becomes a Fair Trade Town during the Olympic Games.

Papua New Guinea hosts Fairtrade ANZ Pacific Stakeholders Workshop

Fairtrade hosted its annual Pacific Stakeholders Workshop in Goroka, the centre of the PNG’s coffee industry.

June Blog Farming superheros to the rescue

This World Environment day we salute our Fairtrade farming super heroes! Find out why here. 

Taiwans first female president declares support for Fairtrade

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand's CEO, Molly Harriss Olson, recently travelled to Taiwan with Fairtrade’s newly appointed Global CEO, Dario Soto Abril. During the visit President of Taiwan Tsai Ying-Wen acknowledged Fairtrade as an important model for addressing the inequities in global trade.

Will we still be drinking coffee in 50 years

Coffee. The name alone, for us coffee drinkers, brings a perk into our step, the aroma that fills our system a comfort in the early morning hours, the taste providing a languid ease for social occasions.


Coffee is Timor-Leste’s second largest export following oil, however, gaining access to the international market is a significant barrier for many farmers. For the coffee producing organisation Cooperativa Comercio Agricola de Timor (C-CAT) this was no different.

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