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BLOG Giving Producers a Voice

The Fairtrade difference is that we aim to provide every producer with a voice, empowering them to influence everything from setting a fair price for commodities to how their Fairtrade Premium is invested in their communities. While many certifiers don’t involve producers, we ensure everyone gets a vote, to sow the seeds for change that truly matters.  

Fairtrade Celebrates World Day of Social Justice

Fairtrade Australia New Zealand CEO Molly Harriss Olson talks about the significance of the World Day of Social Justice and the role of sustainability in providing a fairer future for all.

Changing Trade Changing Lives

Fairtrade’s work is central to achieving the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Deeper impact, more benefits for smallholders and workers, and greater advocacy role among ambitious new goals outlined in 2016-2020 global strategy.  

Blog: See how Annie is securing women’s rights this International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day today and, for the last three weeks we’ve been becoming inspired by some brilliant women who are creating change in their communities. They’re all women who show us just how to #BeBoldForChange.

The New “Women’s Work”: Toward more equal producer organisations

On the island of Savai’i in the Pacific nation of Samoa, Perise is a respected leader of a coconut producers association – but she defied the odds to get there.

Dedicated to improving the lives of women

In rural areas, where it’s often difficult to create change when it comes to gender equality, Fairtrade Associate Wardah Hasyim has dedicated her life to improving the lives of women.   A true powerhouse, she’s the perfect example of how we can #BeBoldForChange – not only does Wardah have near-endless experience in social justice and a thesis under her belt, but she also has experienced poverty first-hand. The daughter of a rice farmer, she’s been affected by conflict and has seen the effects of a world that ignores women. And she’s been passionate about change her whole life.  

BLOG: The Hunger Games

To mark World Food Day (October 16) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand explores the role of Fairtrade in achieving food security and ending hunger.

Fairtrade ANZ Chair Valentina Tripp elected to the Fairtrade International Board

Chair of the Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Board, Valentina Tripp, was elected to the Fairtrade International Board, at the recent Fairtrade General Assembly in Bonn, Germany. This is an exciting development for Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand, the Asia Pacific region and the wider Fairtrade community in helping to ensure interests of both farmers and markets in the Asia-Pacific region are well represented

Why Fairtrade can help CHOGM leaders build a true common wealth

Increasing trade between Commonwealth nations can lead to shared prosperity – but only if five key issues are prioritised.

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