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There are 151m children in child labour; that’s 151m reasons to stop the practice.

From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, agriculture plays a major role in our everyday lives. Unfortunately, it is also the industry responsible for 108 million child labourers globally, or more than 70 percent of all child labour.

Locate Fairtrade products near you with Conscious Consumers

Admit it. You whip out your wallet multiple times per day, often to spend on tasty food and drinks. And while your bank balance might not be too thrilled with your three-lattes-before-midday habit, there is a simple way to make sure your spending sprees are good for something.

Easter 2019: Check out your Fairtrade chocolate options [and where to buy them!]

Easter may be just around the corner, but it isn’t all about the eggs.

The need for zero carbon emissions by 2050!

Climate action will not only safeguard New Zealand’s future. It will also support vulnerable communities who are already at the frontline of climate change. As New Zealanders gear up for an election on Saturday 23 September, Fairtrade and 13 other aid agencies have joined forces to urge political action on climate change. Back the Plan: Back to Zero calls on all New Zealand political parties to establish binding climate legislation and a Zero Carbon Act.

Coffee is in my blood: Will Valverde looks back on 10 years since his first visit to NZ!

As someone who has grown up surrounded by coffee farms his entire life, Will Valverde, well-known coffee connoisseur and educator speaks to us about his time with Fairtrade and the importance of striving for continual improvement with farmers and traders in today’s volatile coffee market.

Coffee & Conversation: Molock Terry from PNG visits NZ

Surrounded by loamy grasslands, volcanic foothills, and limestone river basins lies Unen Choit, a small coffee cooperative home to around 1,200 coffee farmers in Papua New Guinea. Accessible by boat or plane only, this remote cooperative found in the Morobe region is where coffee production all began when it first arrived in the country.

Cooperativa Comercio Agricola de Timor becomes Fairtrade certified

Coffee is Timor-Leste’s second largest export following oil, however, gaining access to the international market is a significant barrier for many farmers. For the coffee producing organisation Cooperativa Comercio Agricola de Timor (C-CAT) this was no different.

Whittakers creamiest block cream of the crop

Fairtrade Labelling of Australia and New Zealand is pleased to announce that the 250g Whittaker’s Creamy Milk block is now Fairtrade Certified and will soon be in a store near you. 

International Coffee Day

Whether it’s your morning get-up-and-go or your afternoon pick-me-up, we can all agree coffee is worth celebrating, but what would happen if it was no longer available. 

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