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10 years of making trade fair

Christian World Service's Pauline McKay writes about how far Fairtrade has come in the last 10 years.

Fairtrade at 10

Fairtrade is celebrating 10 years in New Zealand by educating Kiwis about Fairtrade's impact in the Pacific and around the world.

Kokako plots the journey from crop to cup

Mike Murphy is the Managing Director of Kokako Organic Coffee Roasters and went to Papua New Guinea with Fairtrade Australia New Zealand in August. Here he writes about his trip, and the amazing coffee growers he met, in time for International Coffee Day.

Fairtrade strengthens support for farmers

It has been a year of great impact for Fairtrade. The latest Fairtrade International Annual Report, ‘Driving Sales, Deepening Impact’, showcases many exciting initiatives having positive impact for the 1.6 million Fairtrade farmers across 75 countries. With innovative new programs focusing on areas such as textiles, climate and gender, Fairtrade’s work continues to address the issues most pressing to farmers in developing countries around the world. 

BLOG The Hunger Games: achieving zero hunger requires making trade fair

To mark World Food Day (October 16) and the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), Molly Harriss Olson, CEO of Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand explores the role of Fairtrade in achieving food security and ending hunger.

Unsustainability in New Zealands banana supply chain

Bananas take out the top spot as Kiwi’s favourite fruit, yet support for sustainable banana supply chains remain weak in the retail space.

Samoan coconut farms

When we’re in our kitchens scooping coconut cream into a delicious curry or tantalizing dessert, it’s easy to forget how far it’s travelled before landing in the home pantry. Our gallery by photojournalist Josh Griggs follows Fairtrade coconuts from Samoan farm to factory.

Claimed vs Certified

Unregulated Market In New Zealand, there is no government regulation around the use of the term  Fairtrade. As such the responsibility is on you to check the validity of claims, particularly if a product does not carry an independent certification mark.  In some cases, products can claim themselves as Fairtrade, fair trade or fairly traded, but can, in fact, be far from it. Greenwashing is often used, by promoting a product as more 'green' and environmentally friendly than what is true.

Supporting Fairtrade at work

By offering Fairtrade products in your workplace you can have a profound impact on the lives of farmers and workers around the world.

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