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  • Belize producer organisation voting
    19 Apr 2018

    Why Fairtrade can help CHOGM leaders build a true common wealth

    Increasing trade between Commonwealth nations can lead to shared prosperity – but only if five key issues are prioritised.
  • Cocoa producers from CANN in the Ivory Coast
    17 Apr 2018

    Why the commonwealth can mean more than medals

    Every four years, Australians are reminded of that remnant of British imperialism, the Commonwealth. And every four years, we ask ourselves the same question: is the Commonwealth really relevant?

  • KBQB women at the hospital in sumatra
    06 Apr 2018

    World Health Day: Changing health outcomes one farming community at a time

    As we reflect on World Health Day, consider this one story of hope.

  • Man carries coconuts in a basket
    18 Mar 2018

    From palm tree to pantry, follow Fairtrade coconuts

    When we’re in our kitchens scooping coconut cream into a delicious curry or tantalizing dessert, it’s easy to forget how far it’s travelled before landing in the home pantry. Our gallery by photojournalist Josh Griggs follows Fairtrade coconuts from Samoan farm to factory.

  • Samoan women at a gender equality training
    07 Mar 2018


    On the island of Savai’i in the Pacific nation of Samoa, Perise is a respected leader of a coconut producers association – but she defied the odds to get there.

  • C-CAT coffee producers sorting on raised beds
    05 Jan 2018

    Cooperativa Comercio Agricola de Timor becomes Fairtrade certified

    Coffee is Timor-Leste’s second largest export following oil, however, gaining access to the international market is a significant barrier for many farmers. For the coffee producing organisation Cooperativa Comercio Agricola de Timor (C-CAT) this was no different.

  • Coffee panel
    01 Oct 2017

    International Coffee Day 2017

    There’s a lot more to coffee than what meets the tastebuds, and this International Coffee Day, we’re looking at the story behind the beans. On a recent trip to Papua New Guinea with Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand and our partners, photojournalist Josh Griggs captured some images to showcase exactly where our coffee comes from. 

  • Savai'i
    05 Sep 2017

    Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association invest in land productivity

    In July 2017, Savai’i Coconut Farmers Association (SCFA) in Samoa were excited to launch their first Fairtrade Premium project, worth 9,500 NZD, supplying all 121 members with gardening tool kits. Members of the association now have much needed spades, bush knives and files, which will increase their productivity. Having these tool kits supplied was voted and agreed upon by the majority of SCFA members during their 2016 Annual General Meeting. The Fairtrade Premium was paid to the association by their local buyer, Krissy Co., who is working to increase the markets for Samoan coconut cream. This Premium project coincides with a replanting pilot project aimed at replacing aging coconut trees.  

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