The latest news from Fairtrade Australia New Zealand

  • Unen Choit Cooperative
    03 Oct 2016

    Unen Choit becomes Fairtrade Certified

    Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand is pleased to announce that Unen Choit Cooperative Society has achieved Fairtrade certification, making it Papua New Guinea’s fifth Fairtrade certified producer organisation.

  • Handful of coffee beans
    30 Sep 2016

    International Coffee Day: Time to reflect on the impact of climate change

    Whether it’s your morning get-up-and-go or your afternoon pick-me-up, we can all agree coffee is worth celebrating, but what would happen if it was no longer available. 

  • Makaibari Tea Estate
    26 Sep 2016

    Fairtrade strengthens support for farmers and workers

    It has been a year of great impact for Fairtrade. The latest Fairtrade International Annual Report, ‘Driving Sales, Deepening Impact’, showcases many exciting initiatives having positive impact for the 1.6 million Fairtrade farmers across 75 countries. With innovative new programs focusing on areas such as textiles, climate and gender, Fairtrade’s work continues to address the issues most pressing to farmers in developing countries around the world. 

  • Farmers from Alang Daom playing Producer Library games
    08 Sep 2016

    BLOG Fairtrade a new school of thought

    As the world pauses this week to celebrate the achievements of generations committed to knowledge and education through the annual International Literacy Day, Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Strategic Partnerships Manager and designer of the Fairtrade Producer Library, Sandra Méndez, talks about the issue of lack of access to information in small farming communities and Fairtrade’s efforts to address it.

  • Deingi Fulunga Neknasi Coffee Farmer
    02 Sep 2016

    Fairtrade Art Exhibition Stori bilong Fairtrade

    New Fairtrade art exhibition Stori Bilong Fairtrade set to take visitors on a journey through the eyes of Fairtrade farmers.
  • Rio receives Fair Trade City certificate
    17 Aug 2016

    The Olympic City becomes a Fair Trade City

    A golden moment for Rio De Janeiro as it becomes a Fair Trade Town during the Olympic Games.

  • Earth Overshoot Day
    08 Aug 2016

    How do you top up a planet

    This Earth Overshoot Day we're asking the question- how do you top-up a planet?

  • HOAC farmers cupping
    28 Jul 2016

    Farmer visit leads to limited release single origin specialty coffee

    Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand has been working with small-scale farmers across a range of commodities – coffee, cocoa, coconuts, sugar and vanilla – in the Pacific since 2006.  Our work has been focussed on supporting these farmers to form strong farmer organisations, build their capacity to trade sustainably, access international Fairtrade markets and connect them with buyers.

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