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  • World Fairtrade Challenge
    11 May 2016

    BLOG: Will we still be drinking coffee in 50 years?

    Coffee. The name alone, for us coffee drinkers, brings a perk into our step, the aroma that fills our system a comfort in the early morning hours, the taste providing a languid ease for social occasions.

  • Cotton farmers
    21 Apr 2016

    Who made my clothes? Fairtrade joins the Fashion Revolution

    Dr. Rossitza Krüger, the Textiles Manager at Fairtrade International writes about Fairtrade’s new initiative aims to improve the working conditions, wages and rights of textile workers and farmers at all stages of production.

  • A decade of Fairtrade New Zealand
    21 Mar 2016

    What a difference a decade makes

    Oxfam New Zealand Executive Director Rachael Le Mesurier reflects on how far Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand has come in a decade.

  • Helen Clarke saluting Fairtrade on 10 years in New Zealand
    21 Mar 2016

    Fairtrade at 10

    Fairtrade is celebrating its tenth anniversary in New Zealand this year, by educating Kiwis on the impact of Fairtrade over the last decade, in the Pacific and around the world.

  • Pacific producers gather to talk with Fairtrade
    21 Mar 2016

    Farmer support: Pacific Producers launch Fairtrade Pacific Sub-Network

    As the number of Fairtrade producers organisations in the Pacific grows, so does their participation and influence in the global Fairtrade system. 

  • A woman carries a basket of goods
    21 Mar 2016

    Stepping into the limelight: Female cocoa farmers share their experiences

    Strengthening women's place in the communities where Fairtrade works begins with understanding the challenges they face.

    Female members of ECOOKIM, a Fairtrade certified cocoa cooperative in the Ivory Coast, are stepping up to share their stories on film. But in this project, they're not just subjects – they are producing and directing the short films.

  • Fairtrade celebrates the Sign with Mary Easter campaign
    21 Mar 2016

    Support Fairtrade Cocoa Farmers this Easter

    Support Fairtrade cocoa farmers like Mary Appiah this Easter, by buying Fairtrade Certified chocolate eggs, bunnies and bars.

  • Join us in fighting poverty through fair trade
    21 Mar 2016

    Ten years of making trade fair

    Christian World Service's Pauline McKay writes about how far Fairtrade has come in the last 10 years.

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