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Fair Trade Fortnight (8th – 22nd May 2015) is an annual, nationwide celebration of all things fair trade & the difference that choosing fair makes for millions of farmers & workers in developing countries. This year we launched The Power of You.

You have the power to do something amazing. The power to help farmers build better futures for themselves, and improve working conditions around the world.

We salute you. The world needs more like you. Fighting for fairer trade, a fairer world. Choose Fairtrade, and change the world one purchase at a time.

Get involved in New Zealand

Get involved in Australia 

Whether you are new to Fairtrade or are looking to get more involved, there are exciting and creative ways to inform your friends, family and community about Fairtrade and trade justice.

With every cup of Fairtrade coffee drunk, we are helping to make a difference to farmers and workers, their families and communities. With your involvement that number can grow.

Find out how you can get involved with Fairtrade at school, work, university or in your local community. Whether you are a heartened individual or part of a group, every voice and every action counts. Start your journey into Fairtrade and trade justice here! Visit our Fairtrade Resources page to order your free promotional materials.

Here are some ideas to get you started: organise a Fairtrade morning tea, host a coffee cupping course (contact a local Fairtrade coffee roaster to find out more), or hold a Fair Trade Fortnight event.




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