Buying Fairtrade chocolate makes a huge difference to the lives of cocoa farmers and their families around the world.

Life is tough for cocoa farmers. The price of cocoa beans has slumped in recent years despite high demand, disease and age are damaging cocoa trees and few young people are becoming cocoa farmers because of the poor prospects.

Fairtrade helps to make cocoa farming in places like Ivory Coast and Ghana more sustainable by guaranteeing minimum prices and providing a premium to invest in local communities, so farmers can provide a better future for themselves and their families.

And you can give them this opportunity just by enjoying your favourite Fairtrade chocolate treat.


Where can I buy Fairtrade chocolate?

  Green & Black's organic dark chocolate

Made using the finest Fairtrade certified Trinitario cocoa beans to create a rich intense taste. The combination of cocoa mass and cocoa butter allows the chocolate to melt beautifully and cleanly in the mouth, revealing intense bittersweet chocolate aromas.

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  Wellington Chocolate  Factory

Makers of organic, ethical sourced and traded bean to bar chocolate. The Wellington Chocolate Factory story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their factory from across the globe where they roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper – using artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – producing batches of strong, luscious organic chocolate.

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  Whittaker's Chocolate

Whittaker’s source only the very best ingredients from around the world, and have Fairtrade certification for their two most popular 250g blocks – 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 72% Dark Ghana. The cocoa beans for these blocks come from the Fairtrade Cooperative ‘Kuapa Kokoo’ in Ghana.

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Organic, Fairtrade, Vegan, Gluten Free and delicious. You'll be able to taste the passion for organic quality food in all of Bennetto's products.

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Where can I buy Fairtrade hot chocolate?