10 January, 2018

Locate Fairtrade products near you with Conscious Consumers

Conscious Consumers app to locate Fairtrade products
by Fairtrade New Zealand

Admit it. You whip out your wallet multiple times per day, often to spend on tasty food and drinks. And while your bank balance might not be too thrilled with your three-lattes-before-midday habit, there is a simple way to make sure your spending sprees are good for something.

How? By purchasing Fairtrade! Looking for the green and blue Fairtrade Mark in cafes and on supermarket shelves is your ticket to more ethical shopping. 
And, thanks to an app that lets you search, locate and buy Fairtrade products in your area,  it couldn’t be easier to show your values through your purchase and choose products that make a difference in the world.

Tell me more about the app

Conscious Consumers, available on iPhone and Android devices, means ethical spending is just a swipe away. Simply open your smartphone to find an abundance of Fairtrade certified tea, coffee, and chocolate located around you.

The people behind the app have done the hard yards, partnering with conscious Kiwi businesses to create a comprehensive directory of ethical goods, where you can select from a series of badged businesses that align with your values. Filter your local businesses with the Fairtrade badge and you’ll be presented with a map of cafes, supermarkets and specialty stores near you that sell certified products. Then, all you have to do is wander in and purchase products with the Fairtrade Mark to ensure your dollar is being spent on products that do good. 

What does it mean?

Just like the familiar blue and green Fairtrade Mark that appears on the front of all Fairtrade certified products, the Fairtrade badge in the Conscious Consumer app represents that your purchases were produced ethically. 
Every purchase of a Fairtrade certified product like coffee, tea and chocolate means that the farmers in developing countries who produced it are getting a fair go with stable prices, better working conditions and the ability to build sustainable futures and thriving communities. 
Using Conscious Consumers to find Fairtrade products means you’ll be joining more than 10,000 Fairtrade fans who use the app. In total, the amount spent by consumers on Fairtrade products who have used the app amounts to nearly $2 million, with $200,000 being spent last month alone. 

You’ll find a range of cafes serving Fairtrade...

Fancy a caffeine hit at a local cafe? Select the Fairtrade badge to bring up a variety of cafes serving a certified brew. Here’s a selection:

  • Kokako’s cafe in central Auckland
  • Neo Cafe in Willis Street Wellington
  • Addington Coffee Co-op in Addington, Christchurch 
And it’s not just coffee! If you’re after a fizzy drink in Auckland, Green Time stock Fairtrade certified Kombucha, and Burger Wisconsin serve Karma Cola. 

...and locate supermarkets so you can enjoy ethical at home

Prefer to take it home with you? Conscious Consumers lets you access information on which supermarkets around you stock Fairtrade coffee, chocolate and tea, so that you’ll never be too far from your next delicious Fairtrade drink. Instead of scouring the shelves at every major store, use your mobile to make the search simpler. 

Find out how to download the app at consciousconsumers.nz

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