19 November, 2018

Great Fairtrade gifts for the 12 days of Christmas

12 days of Fairtrade
by Iain Strachan

Christmas is fast approaching and many of us are facing the same dilemma; what to buy for that special someone who is socially and ethically conscious.

With the help of our partners and Pacific producers, we’ve curated twelve ethically-made Fairtrade gifts that not only give back to communities in the Pacific but support the businesses that are making a difference.

From Fairtrade chocolate and coffee to organic cotton and luxury linen, we’ve got something for everyone’s taste and budget.

1) Karma Cola

Fairtrade Cola & T-shirt combo deal? There’s sure to be good karma coming your way if you give this gift at Christmas.

With a mission to change the cola industry and give back to the people who discovered the good stuff in the first place, Karma Cola is not only laying the groundwork for sustainable change in New Zealand but Sierra Leone too.

Part of the proceeds from every Karma Cola bottle sold goes to the communities that created it, which means you can feel positive about giving a gift that not only tastes good but is helping the people behind the product to take charge of their own lives and build something for themselves.

Karma Cola

2) Whittaker's Dark Ghana and Creamy Milk

It's true that Whittaker’s care an awful lot about chocolate. But they also care about supporting the communities around them.

They have Fairtrade certification for two of their most popular 250g blocks – 5 Roll Refined Creamy Milk and 72% Dark Ghana. The cocoa beans for these blocks come from the ‘Kuapa Kokoo’ Fairtrade cooperative in Ghana.

You’re going to be someone’s absolute favourite if you hand over some of these babies on Christmas morning.


3) Kokako 200G Coffee Range

Does a friend or family member need a delicious festive pick-me-up? We’ve got just the thing. 

Kokako Organic Coffee supports exceptional Fairtrade organic farmers across Africa, Central America, Asia and Oceania (Papua New Guinea). 

Every bag of ground or whole beans comes in home-compostable packaging, and whether you brew on a home espresso machine, or prefer the simplicity of a plunger, this coffee will have you pouring a second cup before the sun's come up!

Shop the conscious coffee range today.

Kokako Coffee

4) Thunderpants

Giving socks at Christmas is so 2000 and late.

Instead, fill the whole family’s stockings with some cheeky goodness from Thunderpants.

Made in New Zealand using certified organic Fairtrade cotton, these fun festive prints of old fashioned curly Christmas lights remind us of days gone by, sneaking under the tree to squeeze the presents!

Get your hands on them here by shopping the range.


5) Bennetto

There’s bound to be a few chocoholics gathered around your Christmas tree, so keep the goodness coming courtesy of Bennetto.

They create chocolate to feel good about and it’s the perfect stocking filler – organic, Fairtrade, vegan, carbon neutral and made with simple ingredients!

From intense dark to toasted hazelnut, there's a Bennetto bar for everyone.


6) Ben & Jerry's

The Christmas pudding is finally starting to wear off, so it’s time to top up. Where to turn to next? The freezer, of course. And as well as being irresistibly delicious, the folks at Ben & Jerry's take fairness seriously.

Enjoy their dairy and non-dairy options in the knowledge that they support Fairtrade. Perfection!

Ben & Jerry's

7) Fine & Dandy Tea

As Christmas Day continues (and, let’s face it, begins to take its toll) a bit of a group revival might be needed. Here’s where the amazing people at Fine and Dandy come in.

Their Indian Spiced Chai has a base of the finest high-grown Ceylon black tea, hand blended with traditional ayurvedic spices, for a rich and warming brew. It’s made to enjoy with milk/nut milk and a little honey. Beautiful.

With an aroma of piping hot apple pie and a spicy yet gently floral taste, their Chamomile & Cinnamon tea is the perfect brew for relaxing over the festive period.

Fine & Dandy

8) Wellington Chocolate Factory

For the Fairtrade chocolate and art lover, Wellington Chocolate Factory bars are sure to tantalise both taste buds and the eyes.

Their Peru Norandino Single 75G origin bar is organic, ethically sourced and stone-ground, making it perfect for those looking for that artisan touch this Christmas. Made free of preservatives and emulsifiers from bean to bar in their little Wellington factory, it’s a fruity tasting 70 percent dark chocolate and will be gratefully received in stockings everywhere.

Wellington Chocolate Factory

9) Grounded Coffee

Sometimes it’s tough to know what to get for someone special at Christmas. Fortunately, every cup of Grounded Coffee fuses good taste with good decisions. 

All of their coffee is Climate Neutral, meaning they neutralise their carbon footprint by planting trees here in New Zealand and where their coffee beans are grown. Plus it's all certified 100% Fairtrade and organic! It feels good, tastes better.


10) Nice Blocks

So, how to keep cool on a hot Christmas Day?

With Nice Blocks eight packs, keep all the Fairtrade organic fun you can handle, right there in your freezer at home. In favourite flavour packs of Cola, Feijoa, Apple & Mango, and your old pal lemonade, Christmas (and summer) is looking sweet as.

Since 2010, Nice Blocks has grown to become New Zealand’s truly nicer way to enjoy a summer treat, while also supporting Fairtrade and organic practices. 

This, combined with a commitment to Living Wage and the community, means you can sit back with juice melting down your hand, safe in the knowledge that Nice Blocks has you covered this summer. 

Nice, huh?

Nice Blocks

11) Z Energy

Us Kiwis drink 180 million takeaway coffees a year. That's a lot. So it's important we protect the people and places where coffee is grown. 

At Z, we use coffee that has Fairtrade certification, meaning you can grab an ethical, socially responsible coffee on the go while you travel during Christmas.

Z Energy

12) Commonsense

Still struggling to make your mind? We know some clever folks who will help fill in the gaps.

Commonsense is a family business based on three core values: organic food, environmental sustainability and fair trade. If you are looking for those 'do good' stocking fillers, you will find Bennetto, Nice Blocks, Karma Cola, Good Buzz and Good Fortune coffee in-store - what a treat!


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