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New coffee cooperative welcomed to the Fairtrade family

Fairtrade ANZ has welcomed Alang Daom Coffee Estate Inc. (Alang Daom) to the Fairtrade network of Pacific producer organisations.

The Fairtrade in the Pacific family just keeps growing

October was an exciting month for Fairtrade in the Pacific, as we ushered in not one but two newly certified producer organisations. This brings the total number of Fairtrade certified groups in the Pacific to 16.

Six Ways Fairtrade Strengthens Human Rights

At Fairtrade we echo the UN’s call to stand up for equality, justice and human dignity. Find out some of the ways we work to ensure human rights are protected.

Kerala farmers replace lost crops

After the worst floods in a century caused devastation across Kerala in August, we hear from the director of a local farmers’ cooperative, the newly appointed chairman of Fairtrade’s Network of Asia and Pacific Producers (NAPP), Bijumon Kurian:

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Fairtrade Australia & New Zealand works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair by securing a better deal for farmers and workers. 

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There are lots of ways to get active in your community to raise awareness of Fairtrade and, in turn, support farmers and workers in developing countries.

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Cotton is the most important crop in the world textile industry, yet an estimated 100 million rural households who produce it are living in poverty. 

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